TeqStars is a Technology Company concentrated on providing innovative solutions that are powerful yet simple.

We customize Odoo as per the customer need, our team is always ready and capable of developing whole new app from the scratch.

We aim at providing the best work environment to our team, and to develop their interest and capabilities, so they can benefit themselves and their societies.

We believe technology is the way extend capabilities and to grow and move forward, if utilized right... and this is what we do at TeqStars.

About Us?

Why TeqStars?

We’re more than just a ERP software implementation company. We’ve got goals, hopes, and dreams, just like you.

We want to serve a better solution and do some good in the world.

We know our technology changes lives. If that’s something that speaks to you—you belong here, too.

Our values

Regardless of what size our business grows to, these are the qualities that guide our basic leadership everyday.

We're open, trustworthy and down to earth

TeqStars Value 1

We're passionate about what we do

TeqStars Value 2

We put our customers first

TeqStars Value 3

We strive for excellence

TeqStars Value 4

We're results driven

TeqStars Value 5

We value teamwork

TeqStars Value 6