Career At TeqStars

To begin, begin

Our Perks

Leader’s support

Ask for help, give and get feedback, set up goals and develop your skills.

Fast-paced career path

Opportunities for professional development, a promotion and a pay rise and many more.


Start your adventure with guidance and support of a mentor from the first day.

Hiring Process

1. Interview

If everything is cool with your resume, we'll invite you to our office. You’ll meet with one of our team members from our Team, who will introduce you to TeqStars and all the good stuff you will be part of if you decide to join us. We will be with you throughout the entire process and will assist you with anything you might need. You will have the opportunity to meet with the leader of the department as well.

2. Test

Also, you will get to ask anything. After getting your answers, we will give you a test work. We do this with everyone, on every level.

3. Feedback

We let you know what we think about your test. No matter the outcome, we’ll let you know what we think and we do this because we think this is fair.  

4. Decision

Just like with the feedback, we’ll get back to you with our decision. Hopefully with a big and happy yes!

Open Positions

We are always on to say “Hello” to both creative and expert people. If you want to help us to solve real-world problems, you’ll enjoy your road trip with us.

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