Odoo Support

Why Odoo Support?

As ERP is very much essential to any organization, Support and Maintenance is also essential. For a successful long lifespan of software, it needs to be modified to run a smoother operation. We understand Client retention isn't something that regularly happens absolutely unintentionally. At times because of community apps or little bugs in Odoo, end-user get trapped. In that sort of cloudy circumstance, where an end-user attempt to discover supporting hand, which helps them to resist and come out of that.

Why TeqStars?

We've adapted precisely how to set up your business tasks, change your procedures for results, and support these efforts over time as you need it. At the point when you have unique/special requirements, we work outside the box to understand the particulars and accommodate any challenge.

Our Support Includes

  • Bug Fixing
  • Customization
  • Crafting Community Modules
  • Performance Tuning
  • Resolving Issue on Demand
  • Experienced Engineers
  • Theme Customization                         
  • Website Development
  • Portal Access
  • Documentation
  • Training         

To get support from us, Please submit a Support Ticket. Make sure you follow below steps.
  • Log in to your account to fill in your contact details automatically or to view all associated tickets with your account.
  • Provide us much possible details as you can so we can assist you quickly.
  • Please, attach screenshots and logs if requires for better understanding.