Amazon Odoo Connector

Guaranteed Expansion of Your Online Presence through Seamless Amazon Integration!

Odoo Amazon Connector helps eCommerce store owners manage their Amazon store. It synchronizes data between Amazon and Odoo, so you can easily keep track of your inventory, orders, and sales.

Odoo Amazon Connector is one of the most popular and essential connectors for eCommerce merchants who sell on Amazon. It allows you to manage various aspects of your Amazon store, such as product listings, order import, and shipping.

Features of Amazon Odoo Connector

Multiple Seller Accounts

Manage multiple seller accounts from one screen.

Orders Fulfillment

Easily Fulfill Orders with tracking details.

Invoicing & Refunds

Manage the invoice and refund completely from your Odoo.

Import FBA & FBM Orders

Import Orders (FBA+FBM) from various marketplaces.

Product Management

Synchronize your products between Odoo and Amazon.

Stock Synchronization

Automatically synchronize your stock levels between Amazon & Odoo and ensure that all your Amazon marketplaces show accurate & updated stock levels.

Settlement Report

Process the settlement Report in Odoo and reconcile it to match up with your accounting.

Detail Logs Management

Set Log Level to track every operation in detail.

Seamless Automation

Configure Automatic Jobs according to your feasibility.

Order Workflow

Manage Order's Workflow from Draft order to Register Payment.

Why Choose Us

We've developed and customized Odoo Amazon Connectors for seamless integration with your Amazon store, offering flexibility and various operations to match your business requirements.

We offer user-friendly, innovative classification tools for new product launches, automated monitoring, assortment updates, and data feed management

We ensure that your Amazon integration complies completely with the policies of the Amazon marketplace.

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