Amazon Privacy Policy

Information Collection

At Amazon Odoo Connector, we take your privacy seriously. We collect specific information directly from our customers when they utilize our app. This information comprises:

- The identifier of the Odoo IAP account initiating the request.

- The Merchant Key associated with their Amazon Account.

- The UUID of their Odoo database.

- Authorization Process

We employ a Website authorization workflow for a secure authorization process.

Data Transmission

Various data, including Product Data, Order Information, Stock Levels, Prices, and Customer details are directly fetched through the Amazon server in API Request-Response interactions. We did not store any request or response data on our server.

Data Encryption

To enhance security, we encrypt flat files like FBA Shipping Reports, FBM Unshipped Orders, and VCS tax reports. We employ the Amazon SPI-API methodology for encryption and decryption.

How We Use This Information

The information we collect, such as the Amazon Merchant Key and Refresh Token, is transmitted to Amazon through their Selling-Partner-API. This information is crucial for validating and linking an Amazon seller's account with Odoo. We did not collect and store customers' name, email address, order reference number, and Merchant ID. We are in compliance with Amazon's Acceptable Use Policy and Data Protection Policy.

Your privacy matters to us. If you have any questions or concerns regarding our data practices, please do not hesitate to contact us.